Google has completely redesigned its Google Pay App making it a Super App📱

So Google has completely redesigned its Google Pay app making it a super app📱

The revamped app is being rolled out in the US this week. It’s a three-tab story:

💸Pay: tap-to-pay, peer-to-peer payments, and searchable transaction history. Google says it won’t sell data or share it for ad targeting.

🔍Explore: shows rewards and discounts at shops. If you allow Pay to analyze your transactions, it’ll also show personalized offers.


📊Insights: lets you connect your bank accounts for a spending overview, like Mint. You can even let Pay crawl your Gmail and Google Photos to find receipts.

Having a whopping ~150 million users in 30 countries, Pay is going head-to-head with the likes of Venmo, Square Cash App, Revolut and the likes.

Is Google going to eat not only banks’ & FinTechs’ lunches but their breakfast too? 🤔
Source: Linas Beliunas
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